image processing plugins for the web

  1. Which visualization frameworks are supported?
  2. Currently Cornerstone2D.js and NiiVue.js. Others like openseadragon.js,, Papaya are in the works! BrainChop we are coming for you - j/k :))))
  3. What can BOOSTLETs really do?
  4. Any processing with any library is possible! The examples above use plotly.js or ONNX.js. BOOSTLETs provide methods that allow data access and interaction across different frameworks through JS injection. This is all client-side, unless you send some requests to a server.
  5. Do the algorithms work on the real data?
  6. If the visualization framework supports it, we access the real data. If not, we fall back to canvas imagedata but we are working with the developers of the frameworks to fix that :)
  7. How can I write my own BOOSTLET?
  8. Check out the code for the examples above - there is always the top block that imports boostlet.min.js and then a run method for the processing. It is pretty straight forward (especially the sobel.js and plotly.js examples) and any library or processing is possible.
  9. How can I contribute to BOOSTLET development?
  10. Fork the repo :) We use parcel.js as the build system. PRs are very welcome :)